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About Us

Genius Kids Competition


Genius Kids is an innovative Mathematics/Logical Reasoning/Nonverbal and Aptitude test platform, including a competition series and educational resources and opportunities for students, developed to enhance education.


Our vision is to build a collaborative mathematics community for students to support, advocate and influence education to pave the way for the future generation of problem-solvers.

‘Genius Kids’ is an online Competition Exam platform that conducts competitions every year for children in classes 3-7 in Mathematics, logical Reasoning, and Aptitude combinedly to improve their skills, clear the concept, and spread the knowledge among the children in the country and to have a great career ahead. These competitions are guaranteed to help your child excel in their education. We have over 10000+ students and 500+ schools across the globe who attend our tests and have seen incredible results in their education and learning.

We believe that each child has a different level of understanding and capabilities. We can make a difference with a small motivational effort into their careers.

We believe healthy competition is a better way to Study and learn therefore we designed a platform where children get a competitive environment and enjoy learning rather than simple practice. We're excited to simplify and minimize the exam fear and hesitation in students and build a healthy educational surrounding.

We search through and help geographically rather than a current location or nationality and believe in a fair, consistent, and transparent approach, to conducting exams which are enhanced by the fact that we always conduct exams regularly and announce the result and have a record of winners on the website.

"Genius Kids is More Than a Competition"

By learning from GK, young people gain not only confidence, and knowledge but also the determination and ambition necessary to reach their full potential in school and beyond.

For making our products more sustainable, we build a creative and diverse global team, and by making a positive impact in the communities where we live & work and we believe in the transformative power of our team and their ability to simplify the study, elevate experiences, engage and inspire children everywhere.