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Genius kids is an innovative Mathematics/Logical Reasoning/Nonverbal and Aptitude test platform, including a competition series and educational resources and opportunities for students, developed to enhance education.

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    Recognition and Award


    Recognition is the best form of appreciation. Each participating student will get a certificate. The student who scores 95% or above will get a Scholar Certificate along with a Gold Medal. 85% to 94.99% will get an Outstanding Performance Certificate. 75% to 84.99% will get anExcellent Performance Certificate. below 85% will get a Participation Certificate.

    Scholarship and Award

    Total Scholarship Worth Rs 1.25 lakh or Tablets will be distributed.
    The top three students from each competition will be awarded with scholarship worth rupees Rs 25000/Tablet,Medal,One year Genius Kids membership and Excellence certificate.

    Video interview will be conducted for top 10 marks holders to decide the top 10 ranks.

    Ranking Criteria

    In case two or more students score the same number of marks, ranks will be determined based on the following criteria (weightage will be given from top to bottom):

    Rule 1Time taken by a student in completing the exam paper. The student who has taken lesser time will get a higher rank.
    Rule 2The student who will get more marks in Maths will get a higher rank.
    Rule 3The student who will get more marks in Aptitude will get a higher rank.
    Rule 4Students who will get more marks in Reasoning will get a higher rank.
    Rule 5If two students get the same marks, the younger student will be given preference.